Date of birth  26.07.1977 
Nationality  German 
Height  161cm / 5 foot 7 inches 
Hair Colour  blond 
Eye Colour  blue-green 
Languages  German, English 
Skills  figure skating, ballet, inline skating, boxing, riding, dance 
Hobbies  photography, travelling, films, books 
Residence  Cologne 
Accomplishments  since 1979 figure skating
Coach: Peter Jonas • Choreography: Natascha Devich

since 1980 balett
classic balett/point dance/jazz/modern dance
private lessons by Eva Kovac and Nikita Gesowsky

since 2006 private lessons by Larissa Stau
(Royal Academy of Dance)

1994-1999 Education to Choreographer
by Uschi Keszler (USA)

since 2002 Acting lessons by Ursula Michaelis, Hanfried Schüttler von Alemann ... and others